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Why family-friendly bike tours?

When I was riding our cargo bike through Copenhagen with my kids in it, I recognized a lot of tourists looking curiously at us. I started wondering why... I imagined: When I would come here as a tourist, I would love to try one of those bikes with my own kids in it. Feel like a Copenhagen family. It would also be more convenient than using a stroller with no tired feeds. And I thought, since the city is well-known for its family friendliness, the (cargo) bikes and a sustainable healthy lifestyle, there must be families who want to go on a cargo bike tour. As a local guide and a travel agent, I also know the needs of travelling families. And I would claim that the bike lifestyle is one of the secrets behind the Danes being ranked as the happiest nation. So come and try it!

Who is behind it?

My name is Maike and I have been living in Copenhagen since 2005. I love my kids and I love to plan trips for our entire family. I have worked in tourism business since 2001. This brings along a work-related quirk: I need to find the real authentic local experience. Preferably with private local guides. My kids born in 2008 and 2014 and 2018, which sometimes makes it challenging to meet all our needs and preferences. I have been to many places, where I would have loved to book family-friendly tours. I didn't find so many. I always ended up planning our own private local tours. So I founded Copenhagen Family Tours in order to be able to offer families visiting my city a great local experience and give them more insight than I got on my trips.

Who will guide us?

You will most probably go on tour with the family guide Max, when you book a tour with us: he is a father of two, a pedagogue and has Master in Social Entrepreneurship and is from Quebec Canada. He can do the tour in English or French. Our guide John is a bike enthusiast from the UK and has a 7 year old daughter. And me, who will be able to do some weekend tours, since I am still on maternity leave. All of us have lived in Copenhagen/ Denmark for more than 6 years and we are passionate about showing you our home city, spending a great time together.