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Before the tour

How do we book a tour?
At he moment you have to send us a request for a tour through the contact form. We will send you an offer and maybe some additional questions. 

How and when do we pay?
You pay conveniently by credit card from home. If the tour is more than 3 months from booking date we offer you to split the payment.

Why do you want to know more?
We customize every single tour to the single families’ needs and wishes, because kids and adults have different interests and ages. It is our aim that everybody, cycling with us will be happy and you as a family have a great time with your private guide in Copenhagen. App. one week before your tour starts you will receive your families’ personalized tour plan as a pdf file by e-mail including directions and other useful tips.  

What are the terms and conditions?
Please read them carefully here.  

In case we need to cancel the tour, what are the conditions?
You can cancel the tour with a full refund up to 3 days before the tour is scheduled with 90% if the total tour price. Is it shorter than 3 days to the tour, you will not receive any refund. In case of availability we might be able to reschedule a tour. Contact us as soon as possible. 

We are travelling in a bigger group? How can we book a tour?
We do offer tours for 8-10 participants. Please contact us.

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Kids & Bikes

How old/ tall have the kids to be to for the cargo bike/ “wheelbarrow” bike?
Kids must be able to sit by themselves without support (around 12 months) and can be in the bike up 10-12 years or 1,50 m/ 5 feet.  Bike can load 100 kg (without driver)

We do have older kids, can they join?
Due to safety reasons, we do not allow kids under the age of 10 to ride on their own individual bike. Kids as well as adults must be at least 1,50 m/ 5 feet high for being able to ride our individual bikes. Please contact us, when you are in doubt. We can provide smaller bikes as well. 

What about infants that can’t sit by themselves yet?
It is possible to install a baby car seat in the floor of the bike with a belt. If you are interested in going on a tour with your infant, please contact us.  

We still use diapers/ are potty training, is there a place to change?
Copenhagen and Denmark are kids-friendly, and we know where there are possibilities to change diapers and using the bathroom.

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Bikes & Helmets

How much can the bike load?
The bike can load up to 100 kg/ 220 pounds excluding the drivers weight, so that even adults could be transported inside it.  

How will the kids be sitting?
There is a bench installed with car safety belts in the wooden box in front of you.  

Are helmets obligatory in Denmark?
Helmets are not obligatory by law, but we recommend our guests to wear them, not because we think you are not good at cycling, but more because of the other traffic participants in the streets.  

What do the helmets cost?
Helmet rent is included in the price.  

What kind of bikes are we riding on in what constellation?
A family of three or four will be riding like this with us: 1 adult & up to 2 kids on the cargo bike from Christianiabikes 1 adult and the guide on normal 28’’ women city bikes with 3 gears You can change the bikes during the tour, so that every adult can try the cargo bike feeling like a local.

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Starting the tour

Where does the tour start/ end? Our tour start/ end at the Church of Our Saviour in Christianshavn.   Can we start the tour at other places? Depending on where your accommodation is situated, we can offer other starting points. We do cooperate with Donkey Republic who are providing us with normal bikes for those not chauffeuring the kids on the cargo bike.   Can you store our luggage? Rucksacks or even kid carriers and bags can be transported in the cargo bike. We do not have the possibility to store bigger luggage. But our friends from Luggagehero do at many places in the city. Please contact us, if you want to book luggage storage and a tour departing/ ending at one of the spots.   Can grandma/ grandpa/ auntie/ uncle join us? Of course! We just provide them with extra normal bikes. (You can add them during the booking process).

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On tour

How hard is the tour?
When you are in normal physical shape, you can easily manage the tour. There are no steep hills, only one little steeper bridge, which, until now, our guests managed, even with 80 kg in the cargo bike. There might be a little bit headwind occasionally.  

Are food/ drinks included in the tour?
No. We think that taste is something real personal but food is a must. Therefore the guide will take you  grocery shopping in a local supermarket (at your own expenses). We will then have lunch as a picnic in a green area during the tour.  Thus, if you have a plan of where you want to go, we can always reserve a table. Also when it is bad weather we go to a restaurant/ café instead.

What if we cannot manage to ride the cargo bike?
No worries. You will get an introduction. But if someone is not feeling safe, your partner can try and you can go on a normal bike. If both of you feel insecure, the guide can chauffeur the kids as well.  But so far anybody managed after getting used to it.

Will there be other guests/ families on the tour?
No, normally not. We like to make our tours a great experience for each single families, focusing totally on their needs. However, if we are in the situation, where we do not have any guides available and we think that two families could go together, we would always ask the two families, if they would mind if another family is joining the tour. Both would be offered a discount.  

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