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Covid-19 update

  • Are you interested in visiting Copenhagen in the upcoming months - but are uncertain about your travel plans because of Covid-19? Please contact us if you are interested in a guided family tour with us. We can schedule your tour now, and wait with any payments until we know how the corona situation develops.
    Maxime - Copenhagen Family Tour
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Bike tours for families in Copenhagen

We offer bike tours for families with kids from 1-12 years. One of you will chauffeur your kids safely in front of you in a Danish family bike. The other one will go on a regular bike.

A private guide for you

You will get your private family guide for 4 hours. After you booked your tour, your guide will reach out to you. He/she will contact you and provide detailed information and ask you about your interests and wishes, so he/she can design the tour accordingly. We provide you with bikes and helmets, give a short introduction to the bikes, so you will feel safe. Your private guide takes you to highlights and secret spots, as well as great playgrounds.

See more in less time

A bike tour through Copenhagen is the fastest, most exciting and most convenient way to get to the main sights and more hidden gems. Experiencing the local bike lifestyle in a relaxed and kids-friendly way with no tired feet. Kids can even eat or sleep in the bike.

percent of all people in Copenhagen

commute by bike to work, even across to different municipalities

percent of families with 2 kids

own a cargo bike. In 22 % of all households a car is replaced by a cargo bike.

km/h is the average speed

on bike lanes in Copenhagen. On special green biking lanes the average speed increases to 20 km/h