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Family activities

In Copenhagen, we are lucky enough to have an abundance of parks with some sort of play space for the little ones. To be exact, there are 125 playgrounds across the city, of which 26 are staffed with qualified children specialists who organize different activities for them. These areas vary in terms of quality so we gathered our top pick for the best outdoor playgrounds in Copenhagen – they are free, outdoor and fun!

As the playground stop is one of the highlights of our Family Tour, we have tested each of them with our little experts. Small or big, traditional or themed you will surely find one that suits your children’s abilities and curiosities and will lure your family into the relaxing outdoor atmosphere on your city trip. 

Traffic playground in Østerbro

The traffic playground invites both younger and older kids to connect fun with learning about traffic rules and road safety. Seeing a Dane jaywalking is as rare as hen’s teeth simply because they are disciplined rule followers. regarding transport, these rules can be observed and practiced by children. The area features miniature traffic lights, road signs, bike lanes and petrol station.

Age group: For younger children (2-5 years) there is a separate area where they can borrow tricycles,”moon-cars” and trailers while 5-14-year-olds can choose non-motorized go-karts from the garage.  

Address: Gunner Nu Hansens Plads 10 2100 København Ø

Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs: 09.30-17.00 Fri: 10.00-17.00 Sat-Sun: closed

Where to grab a bite: The Laundromat. A children-friendly eatery with library and table games. Address: Århusgade 38, 2100 København Ø

Superkilen in Nørrebro

Superkilen is a 750 m long urban park located in the heart of the multicultural Nørrebro district. It consists of The Red Square, The Black Market, and The Green Park representing the diversity of the neighborhood. The colorful objects in the parks have been specially imported or copied from home countries of the local residents. So including but not limited you can find a picnic table from Armenia, hammock from Australia, BBQ from South Africa, table tennis from Spain and playground rack from India. According to the design team “No matter where you’re from, what you believe, and which language you speak, it is always possible to play soccer together.”  – and this is why we consider it one of the best outdoor playgrounds in Copenhagen.

Age groups: it accommodates a wide range of ages offering diverse activities from sports (cycling, boxing, basketball) to more relaxed pastimes (BBQ, picnic, markets, chess)

Address: Nørrebrogade 208 2200 København N

Opening hours: 24 hours

Where to grab a bite: When in Nørrebro, eat as the locals. Kösem was voted as the best shwarma in Copenhagen last year and it is just around the corner from Superkilen.

Playgrounds in Copenhagen_superkilen
Photo credit: Martin Heiberg / Copenhagen Media Center

Nature Playground in Valby

The Valby Park situated in the southwestern corner of Copenhagen is a massive area with forests, fields, picnic tables and Denmark’s largest nature playground. It consists of paths and walking tracks through hills, looking point and ropes leading you under 5 themed towers. As it is located on the Copenhagen outskirts, spending a few hours there will ensure that the little ones will nap on their way back. 🙂

Age group: popular excursion spot for all ages

Address: Hammelstrupvej 98, 2450 København SV

Opening hours: 24 hours

Where to grab a bite: Rallys offer delicious home-made sandwiches, cozy atmosphere, and comfortable surroundings. Address: Mozartsvej 9, 2450 København SV
There is a café in the park where you can get some snacks or Danish ice cream form the freezer.

Best outdoor playgrounds in Copenhagen_Valby Nature Park

Skydebanen in Vesterbro

Skydebanen is a staffed play area which was converted from a former shooting range. The somewhat hidden park is widely popular amongst locals as it offers different activities for children all year round. During warmer months the toddler (and parents feet) pool is the most popular spot while in the wintertime children can slide around with their sleigh. 

Age group: Recommended for children from 3 to 15 years old.

Address: Absalonsgade 12, 1658 København

Opening hours(with pedagogical staff and access to tricycles: Mon – Thu 9:30 –17:00, Fri 9:30–17:00, Sat-Sun: Closed. Otherwise always open.

Where to grab a bite: Mad & Kaffe won the prize for Copenhagen’s best cafe and it lives up to its title. Whether you opt for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, the cafe offers equally delicious dishes with children option. You can also opt for a more traditional experience at Absalon communal eating. Read more about it here.

Playgrounds in Copenhagen_Skydebanen
Photo credit: Ty Stange / Copenhagen Media Center

Frederiksberg Gardens

Frederiksberg Garden is an inviting park including the Copenhagen Zoo, lakes and a lovely playground offering fun activities for all ages. Its activities were designed in an interesting way, harmonizing with the romantic surroundings. Make sure you pay a visit to the infamous Pacifier tree where toddlers say goodbye to their pacifiers forever. As a result, they turned an ordinary tree into a colorful piece of art created by brave, big children. 

Age group: The playground suits the small kids best, but everyone will find entertainment there.

Address: Frederiksberg Runddel 1 2000 Frederiksberg

Opening hours: Mon-Sun: same as the opening hours of Frederiksberg Gardens

Where to grab a bite: Opt for a traditional Danish food experience at the neighboring MG Petersens Familiehave, Krøgers Familiehave or Hansen’s Old Family Garden.

Playgrounds in Copenhagen_Frederiksberg
Photo Credit: Christian Alsing / Copenhagen Media Center

Family activities

H.C Andersen, Tivoli, LEGO, Queen Princesses, and Princes are just a few reasons why Denmark has a reputation for being a fairy tale country and an ideal destination for families with smaller kids. However, visiting the main tourist attractions is one thing and experiencing the city as a local family is another. Danes usually avoid going to the most popular sights such as The Little Mermaid or the Royal Palace. The off-the-beaten-paths can be surprisingly difficult to find (unless you join our Family Bike Tour with a local guide) so we have rounded up our favorite local events and locations. These are – in our opinion –some of the best opportunities to mingle with Danish families regardless of the weather. The below things to do in Copenhagen with kids will make you fully understand what makes Copenhagen unique. 

1. Absalon community dinners (folkekøkken)

Community dinner is one of the best ways to meet locals and try traditional Danish meals on a budget. At these cozy events, you are seated at long tables sharing simple, yet hearty food with your table mates.

Community dinners are organized around Copenhagen at several locations but Absalon is the most well-known place. It offers this unique experience every day at 6 pm for as little as 50 DKK. Monday and Wednesday are vegetarian days and a Friday night Delux dinner with dessert costs 100 DKK/person.

Our tip: Due to the popularity of these events it is recommended to get there by 5.30pm as tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis.

Menu and more information (in Danish): view it here.

Cool things to do in Copenhagen with kids _Absalon common eating
photo credit: facebook page of Absalon

2. Harbour baths and beaches

The 7300 km of Denmark’s coastline and several harbor baths ensure that you are never far from a beach in Copenhagen. Amager Beach Park and Svanemøllen Strand are two of the closest and most popular sandy beaches located reachable distance from the city center while harbor baths offer unique experiences as Copenhagen ss one of the cities where the harbor is water clean enough to swim in. The season for harbor swimming is all year round which might sound scary but science has proved that dipping into icy cold water flushes out toxins and invigorates the blood circulation – and Danes swear by it.

Our tip: Try the harbor bath at either Islands Brygge, Fisketorvet or Sluseholmen. Check the opening hours here.

Cool things to do in Copenhagen with kids _Harbour bath Islands Brygge
photo credit: Ty Stange / Copenhagen Media Center

3. Rent a cargo bike

Around 28% of families with 2 kids in Copenhagen own a cargo bike and more and more families replace cars with a cargo bike. One of the most common brands is the Christiania bike which was invented more than 30 years ago in Christiania – a car-free, hippy area of Copenhagen.

“This is especially convenient for families with young children as it is exactly how the Danes transport their own kids as part of their everyday routine.” says world traveler Mum, Amy who shares with you the 10 reasons why she loved exploring Copenhagen on a cargo bike. In Copenhagen, you also have the chance to join a customized family tour with a cargo bike and local guide. Learn about the history of Copenhagen and the Danish culture while experiencing how cycling contributes to their world-famous happiness. 

Our tip: Travelling all abroad in a cargo bike is not only for children. It can be a fun activity for couples, friends and it is comfortable enough for elderly people too.

Book a cargo bike tour for your family: here

Cool things to do in Copenhagen with kids _cargo bike
photo credit: Kasper Thye / Copenhagen Media Center

4. Flea markets

Danish flea markets are partly about finding good deals but also about the vibe that makes it a unique experience. Moreover, you can find inexpensive yet unique souvenirs from Denmark. Second-hand books, designer items, children’s toy and clothes, antiques and other bric-a-brac. Find the one that most suits your interest here and make sure to bring along your whole family as Danish flea markets are filled with entertainment and adventure for the little ones too.

Our tip: For the best bargains make sure you get there as early as possible.

Indoor marketsStudenterhuset, Prismen

Outdoor marketsThorvaldsens Plads, Vera’s Market

See more here.

photo credit: Ty Stange / Copenhagen Media Center

5. Dyrehaven

Dyrehaven started life as the King’s stunning hunting lodge and by today it has become a UNESCO world heritage. It literally translates as the deers garden and as the name suggests you will find more than 2000 free-range deer inhabiting the vast area. It takes only a 20 min train ride from Copenhagen city centre by the train to find yourself in the wonderful woodland of the Deer Garden.

Our tip: You can easily stretch the visit to a day trip taking a walk at the nearby Bellevue beach or visit Bakken, the oldest amusement park in the world. All three sights are located only a walking distance from Klampenborg train station. Or book a tour with our friends from Slow Tours Copenhagen.

How to get there: Take the S-train “C” to Klampenborg.

Opening hours: 0 – 24 hours

Cool things to do in Copenhagen with kids _Dyrehaven

6. Rent a boat

Have you ever imagined being a captain operating your own boat? With GoBoat you can rent solar-powered “picnic” boats for a couple of hours. After a 10-minute-intro from the staff, you will be armed with a map of the harbor, route suggestions and a boat that can carry as many as 8 people with a picnic table in the middle. Neither experience nor license needed!

Our tip: Bring along your picnic basket with food and drinks. (Remember the captain has to stay sober.) You can book your boat here.

Cool things to do in Copenhagen with kids _rent a boat
photo credit: GoBoat / Copenhagen Media Center

Family activities

Rainy and windy days are not rare in Copenhagen. So if you are in town and treated to sunny weather then make sure you spend as much time outdoors as you can. I strongly recommend visiting one of Copenhagen’s outdoor playgrounds as well as joining our guided family tour on a traditional Danish cargo bike.

When the forecast is grim then you have two options: do as the locals do and just ignore the rain: gear up and experience the real Copenhagen-feel. It can be fun and romantic, trust us. Alternatively, you can make a backup plan with the following list of things to do in Copenhagen with kids on a rainy day.

1. Run off your energy at Remisen

Remisen is a completely free, creative play area for kids that will make you wish you were a toddler too. Time flies by quickly when you can choose to be a pirate, cowboy or princess in a huge indoor playground. There are lots of space to run around but also smaller rooms available to unfold creativity with LEGO or jigsaw.

Our tip: Remisen organizes indoor flea markets almost every week that can be a fun activity for both parents and kids.

Age group: 0-12

Address: Blegdamsvej 132A 2100 København Ø

Opening hours: See it here.

Price: Free

2. Embrace your inner geek at the Experimentarium

A half day can go by like nothing when you can experiment, challenge your brain and body while learning about science in an interactive way. “Children should WANT to learn, which is the goal of the center” – says Kim Gladstone, the Director of Experimentarium. Being located in Hellerup this will also allow you to explore the area of the waterside including the Charlottelund beach and fort that are only a few stops away by train or bus.

Our tip: You can grab snacks at their café but you are also welcome to bring your own lunch. 

Age group:  Mostly 4+ years, although there are activities for younger children too.

Address: Tuborg Havnevej 7, 2900 Hellerup

Opening hours and price: See it here.

 3. Climb, slide, crawl or jump at

The newly opened offers the combination of cultural events and physical activities with the aim of bringing people together in a place where „body and mind are activated to promote a more healthy life for everyone, regardless of age, ability or interest; creating links between people that wouldn’t otherwise connect with each other.” Let me translate that into children’s language: You will be challenged by a three-dimensional labyrinth, nets, slides and fireman poles that span several floors. So why would you walk when you can climb, slide, crawl or jump?

Our tip: Check out their website for special events before your visit 

Age group: Fun for both children and adults

Opening Hours:  See it here.

Address: Dirch Passers Allé 4, 2000 Frederiksberg

Prices: Free

what to do in Copenhagen on a rainy day -
photo credit: Instagram page of

4. Paint your own pottery at the Creative Place

The Creative Place in the heart of Frederiksberg and Østerbro will let you forget about the world around you while you can let your imagination run free. They have a wide selection of Italian ceramics and 80 colors to choose from. You will be assisted by the experienced staff who will not only share tips and trick about the art of pottery painting but will also add the final touch to your masterpiece by glazing it while you can sip a cup of coffee or juice.

Our tip: Make sure you call them before your visit to book a table, especially on the weekends.

Age group: 1-101 years 🙂 

Address: There are two locations:
FREDERIKSBERG. Gammel Kongevej 154, 1850 Frederiskberg
ØSTERBRO: Kastelsvej 1 2100 København Ø

Opening hours:  See it here

what to do in Copenhagen on a rainy day - creative space
photo credit: Instagram of Creative Place

5. Swim at Valby Water Culture House

Meet local Copenhagenfamilies at Valby Water Culture House! The big pool has a play area and some swimming lanes. Thereare heated caves, two water slides and a toddlers sopping basin including a lot of playing equipment like bathing ducks and foam toys.   It is a green, low energy pool that focuses on using less energy than similar places.

Our tip (for the brave): go for the ultimate Danish experience and try one of the outdoor swimming spots in Copenhagen.

Age group: All ages are welcome: apart from the big pool there is a warm water basin used for baby swimming and therapeutic classes.

Julius Andersens Vej 1A. 2450 København SV

Prices and opening hours: See it here.

what to do in Copenhagen on a rainy day - Valby Water Culture House
photo credit: Valby Vandkulturhus’ facebook page